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Proofreading services

I can help you with:

  • magazines and newsletters

  • online copy and websites

  • individual articles

  • business documents

  • books and novellas

  • blogs and social media posts

Why bother? Because people will judge you on the quality of what you put in front of them. Because people will not take you or your message seriously if it is unclear, inconsistent or poorly presented. 
Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)

Proofreading is normally the final stage in the publishing process before a document is printed. It's the most critical stage in making sure any written work is accurate in terms of spelling, grammar and vocabulary.

It's very difficult to proofread your own work well, and an extra and trained pair of eyes looking at your work meticulously can ensure it's the best it can be before being finalised. And this is where I can help...

As an experienced and trained proofreader, I will check your work for:

  • Grammar and punctuation

  • Spelling

  • Sentence structure

  • Consistency (style, layout, writing and formatting)

  • Ambiguity of the text

  • Repetition

As copy-editor, I will offer alternative text to improve the accuracy and readability of the document.

When I recently revamped my website, I turned to Sarah for a second pair of eyes. She's a copywriter as well as a proofreader, so I knew she would have the right expertise to help me fine-tune my web copy. As an editorial professional, I need my business content to be clear, engaging and free from errors, but I know how easy it is to miss things when checking your own writing.

Sarah went through my site with a fine-toothed comb and sent me a report of things to check or amend. She identified a couple of errors I'd missed (phew!) and made suggestions or queries where things weren't as clear as they could be, including issues with layout and links.

Sarah's proofreading has given me confidence in my website content, and I would happily recommend her to others.


Lisa Robertson, Editwrite


I base my rates on the CIEP suggested rates, and they depend on the length of work, the level of edit needed and how quickly you need your work edited.

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